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SmarpShare makes it easy for companies to motivate their employees to share professional content to their external social media networks.

No credit card required, no software to install. Just sign in with your favorite social media network.

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What is SmarpShare?

SmarpShare is the ultimate employee advocacy platform that allows all employees to participate in communication efforts. With it employees can quickly share interesting employer-approved content to their external social media networks and generate conversations around the business.

Employees get points for sharing that can be exchanged for real-life rewards, which makes participation fun, engaging, and rewarding. SmarpShare also allows the employer to track the effectiveness of the messages and conversations across social media.

Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy is all about encouraging employees to participate in communications efforts and motivating them to share interesting professional content to their external social media networks. Employees have created vast networks of friends, followers, and connections on social media and nowadays they can influence them all with the click of a button. In other words, employee advocacy is word of mouth marketing brought to the digital age.

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Benefits of SmarpShare

For Communications

Employees can easily see what you want them to share. This will greatly enhance your comms and stop you from having to email your employees whenever you have something you would like them to share to their networks.

For Marketing

Marketing can reach a large and high quality audience in a more trustworthy way. According to studies, a message coming from employees is generally 3-6 times more trustworthy than a message coming directly from the company.

For HR

Employee referrals are one of the most effective ways to capture top talent. That’s why getting employees to share your employer branding content and open positions online is invaluable. The most potential candidates are probably in your existing employees’ networks.

For Employees

By sending out messages that enhance their employer’s brand, employees are also increasing the perceived value of their work and keeping themselves on the top of their network’s mind. In addition, they can claim rewards for their participation.

Key Features

Easy one-click sharing

Employees can share updates without having to look for them, which saves time and effort. They can also add their own comments to the updates if they like.

Motivating & rewarding employees

Employees get rewarded with points that can be exchanged for real life rewards of your choice. Gamification makes sharing fun!

Immediate results

Employees can instantly see how many people are clicking the links they have shared and you can track how effective the messages are overall.


1. How does it work?

Employees sign up using their company email address and social media accounts. Admin(s) add links to content for their employees to share and can measure the effectiveness of the posts as they spread through employee networks. Employees can also add their own touch to the messages with comments.

2. What is it used for?

SmarpShare is used to spread interesting content to external employee networks and drive conversations. Examples of content are open positions, blogs, events, and industry news. Your employees will work as your brand advocates!

3. How do I motivate employees to participate?

SmarpShare allows employees to get points for sharing that can be exchanged for rewards. Adding an incentive for employees makes them more likely to participate as they will get recognition and personal rewards. SmarpShare can also be integrated to company intranet so that employees are exposed to fresh content regularly.

4. Where can I source content from?

Admins can either add content directly or import it from RSS feeds. Employees can also submit content for admin approval.

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“We instantly saw return on investment as over half of our employees in 3 countries started sharing our content to their networks through Smarp Share. This enabled us to reach a relevant target audience cost-efficiently, measure and analyze the generated traffic, as well as identify our most active employees on social media.“

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- DreamBroker

“The suggested posts in Smarp Share have been extremely suitable for me to share to my social media networks. It’s great to be rewarded with useful rewards for such a small favor.”

- The Finnish Chamber of Commerce